1. Power cycle it by unplugging it for thirty seconds and then plugging it back in.
  2. Go to DCD Management (ADMIN > DCD > DCD Setup) and click Reset.
  3. Go to DCD Management (ADMIN > DCD > DCD Setup) and click Initialize.
  4. Contact your IT department to see if there are any known network issues that would be preventing the clock from communicating with the database.
  5. Swap the clock with one at another location, to see if the issue is the clock itself or something about the location. If the issue is the clock itself it will persist at the new location, and the one swapped into its old location will perform without issue.
  6. Leave the clock at its existing location, or hook it up to a test location, and contact for troubleshooting assistance.

NOTE: Unless there is something physically wrong with the clock (i.e., the zero button doesn’t work, or it was struck by lightning and shows obvious electrical damage) please contact for assistance with troubleshooting before removing the clock from the network and requesting an RMA. Our remote troubleshooting capabilities are extensive, and many issues and error messages can be resolved without the clock being returned.