When a user’s timecard is opened the system will lock it for editing so that only the person who has it open can make changes to it. When Who Is In tries to resync or update a locked timecard the exception “Timecard is locked” will be displayed in Who Is In.  A matching edit message will display on the timecard, indicating that the “Timecard could not be updated by the system because it was locked.”

This exception will automatically be cleared if the timecard has been closed by next time Who Is In tries to write to it. 

To clear this exception manually you must first wait for the timecard to be closed, or if the timecard was improperly closed, wait for the lock to expire (usually thirty minutes).  Then look for another date on Who Is In on which the exception is not present (same user).  Click on the date and choose “Resync Timecard” from the menu, as seen to the right.  It will resync the whole pay period, including the day with the exception, prompting Who Is In to check if the timecard is still locked.  If the timecard is no longer locked it will write the punches to the timecard and clear the exception.

If the timecard was left locked when a user exited it improperly (they didn’t click Save or Return) and it needs to be unlocked immediately so it can be resynced (this might happen when payroll is being processed) contact support@intellitime.com to have the timecard manually unlocked.