This indicates that the user’s punches cannot be written to the timecard because of a document or pay code-related configuration related issue. 

A separate pay code group is associated with each section of each timecard in the system.  For a pay code to write to a timecard, or be available in a pick list on a timecard, it must be in the right pay code group.  If the pay code associated with a user’s punches in Who Is In is not in the right pay code group to be available anywhere on the user’s timecard, then the No Document Found exception will be generated, as seen above.

To resolve this, add the pay code the user is punching with to the correct pay code group to make sure the pay code is available on the user’s timecard, in the section you want it to be in. For guidance, you can look to see what pay code groups other pay codes in the same section are in. If you do not know which pay code group to add the pay code to please contact support@intellitime.com for assistance.