If punches aren’t showing up in Who Is In from any clock, then the system’s Queue—which temporarily holds all received punches before they are written to Who Is In—may be stalled or stopped. If that is the case it will still be receiving and storing the punches, just not sending them to Who Is In. If the issue is with all clocks, and you suspect the Queue is down, contact support@intellitime.com to have it started/restarted. That will resolve the problem and the stored punches will show up in Who Is In.

If the issue is with a particular clock, and by all appearances the clock is online and okay, then someone may have submitted a punch using the Master Pass Through key code instead of their own emp number, which is not supported at this time. That can keep any punch that is logged after that from being transmitted, though they are still logged and can be transmitted once the issue is resolved. Contact support@intellitime.com so that that punch can be removed from the clock. Once it has been removed the rest of the punches should be able to transmit without issue.