The answer to this question is almost always yes.  IntelliTime strongly encourages regular upgrades to your VTI system to ensure you system is running at its best.

Maintenance contracts allow IntelliTime users two upgrades per year.  Every client’s rule set is configured according to their particular needs, so thorough testing is required to ensure the system continues to perform as anticipated after the upgrade.  Some upgrades may be performed to resolve issues, while most are recommended to take advantage of the new features and enhancements. 

We will start the upgrade process by restoring a copy of your database locally and upgrading it so we may compare performance before and after the upgrade.  This is called “regression testing.”  Once we are satisfied with the results, we will place the recently upgraded database into your test environment for your evaluation.  Once client testing is complete and authorization has been given production will be upgraded.  Upgrading production generally requires 4-8 hours of downtime.

The entire process takes about 2 months from the initial request for an upgrade to it being implemented on Production. 

If you would like to request an upgrade, please email your request to  If you have a preferred timeline other than as soon as possible, please include the start and end goal times in your request and we  will do our best to accommodate your time table.