The shift staffing requirements of a Dynamic Schedule almost always depend on what job a user has been assigned.  Therefore, a user must be assigned a job to appear on a Dynamic Schedule.

To assign a job to a user, first navigate to an employee’s User Schedule Assignment screen (ADMIN > User > (Search for the user)> Schedule button).

There will be several buttons at the bottom of the User Schedule Assignment screen; click on the Assigned Jobs button. This will take you to the User Job Assignment screen.  The bottom line will always be nearly blank, as this is what you will use to assign jobs to the user.

The employee’s basic identification information (Emp Number, Appointment, and Employee Name) will display at the top of the screen.

Using the blank fields at the bottom of the screen, enter the following:

  • Job – Use the pick list provided to choose a job to assign to this employee.
  • Rate – If the employee will receive a particular pay rate while working this job, enter it here. This is used most often to define a different pay rate for a user’s acting job.  Keep in mind that whether or not this field is used will depend on the configuration of the upload file that transmits information to your HR database.
  • Preference– A job can be assigned the preference of Primary, Acting, or numbers 3-10.  Though a user can be assigned multiple jobs, only one can be designated as Primary, as this will be the job the Dynamic Schedule will consider when assigning the user to a schedule. 

The other jobs assigned to the user here (Acting through 10) can be manually assigned to this user from the Dynamic Schedule as needed to fill staffing requirements.  The hiring list will also use the job preference to determine a user’s eligibility for taking an unfilled shift.  Depending on how the specific list has been configured, it will look for employees based on their primary, acting or “job qualified” status.  Someone is “job qualified” if they have been assigned a specific job (regardless of preference level).

As multiple Acting jobs can be assigned it is usual to assign a user one Primary job and multiple Acting jobs, rather than using the numeric job preference options.

  • Effective – This is the date from which this job assignment will be effective. 
  • Expiration – This is the date after which the employee will no longer be able to work this job.

Click Update to assign the job to the user.