Overtime is determined when the total number of hours charged to pay codes that count toward overtime is exceeded.  If overtime is not being calculated correctly, check to make sure the codes you expect to be counted toward over are correct.   This could be something as simple as a newly created pay code has not been included in the appropriate pay code group or a pay code that was included in error.

Since you are probably working with one individual, access this user’s pay code eligibility by going to the Admin icon > Users link and search for the User by name or employee number.  Once the user is displayed, click on the pay codes button located on lower right hand corner of the screen.  This will bring up the Pay Code Eligibility screen. 

Most configurations have overtime being an autopost from the Regular pay code, so scroll to the page which contains the Regular Pay code and click on the Eligibility Details button.  This will open the Pay Code Eligibility Rule Details screen for the Regular pay code.  From this screen, look at Usage Constraints and Auto-Post Configuration section and you will see the rules that control Regular hours limits and thus those that flow into Overtime.   There may be multiple lines listed, but one line will contain a Pay Code Group named something similar to FLSA Hours and a Maximum Constraint value of 40 or 80 hours depending on the Time Frame reference. 

We want to look at the pay codes that make up the Pay Code Group.  For simplicity we will assume the Pay Code Group is FLSA Hours.  To see the pay codes that are included in the FLSA Hours pay code group, go to the PEP icon > System Config > Pay Codes link.  This will open the Pay Code Management screen, click on any button under the Edit Groups column.  Once the Pay Code Groups Select screen is open, click on the Pay Code Groups button in the bottom right to open the Pay Code Group Management screen.  On this screen you should search for FLSA Hours pay code group by either clicking the Next button or selecting the page header that should contain the FLSA pay code group from the drop down list.  Once the FLSA Hours pay code group has been located, click on the associated button under the Edit Pay Codes column.  The Pay Code Select screen will open and display all the pay codes that count toward the 40 or 80 hour limit established for Regular and the hours that will roll into Overtime.

Confirm the pay codes in list are correct and that no codes have accidently been added or included.  If you find a code that has been included in error, it can be removed by highlighting it and moving it to the Excluded column using the > button in the middle of the screen and clicking the Update button.  Please keep in mind, the Pay Code Group could be used by different groups within your organization and any changes should be carefully consideration. 

If all looks to be correct, please contact IntelliTime Support for further assistance.