An edit message on a PPA (Prior Period Adjustment form) generally indicates that the PPA entries need to be corrected or modified in some manner.   When the “Submit” button is clicked on a PPA, the rule engine runs the PPA against the timecard for the period being changed, and an edit message will display for any rule constraints that would be violated as a result of the PPA changes.  This ensures that users are paid correctly.

An example would be submitting a PPA for 1 additional hour of regular time in a previous pay period, that would now result in the user being eligible for 1 hour of overtime.  An edit message would display instructing the user to move 1 hour of their regular time to overtime.   When an edit message is displayed, make the instructed changes and resubmit. 

Please note that some rules within the system are designed only to work on timecards, not PPAs.  For example, autoposts are not intended to function on PPAs.  These may generate an edit message, even if you’ve manually added the pay code that usually autoposts, that cannot be resolved by modifying entries on the PPA.  If you are certain that your entries are correct, then these edit messages should be overridden.