PPAs (Prior Period Adjustment forms) are used to make corrections to previously submitted timecards.  Please note that PPAs upload just like timecards, making the time adjustment in your payroll system.  The previously uploaded timecard that a PPA refers to will not be directly modified within VTI.

Complete and Submit an Adjustment for a previous Timecard:

  • Click on the Adjustment or PPA link.
  • Select a saved adjustment form by its creation date and time or create a new adjustment form by clicking New in the “Saved Adjustment Timecards” pick list.  
  • To submit adjustments for your previous timecards:
    • Enter the Pay Code, the Hours, and the Effective Date of Change for any adjustment. Pay Code, Hours, and Effective Date of Change are required entries, while the Description and Reason for Change are optional fields.
    • To CHANGE previously posted hours (against the date, pay code or override accounting), you must make two entries. Complete the first line with negative hours (with original pay code, date, and override accounting fields, if applicable), and then complete a second line with positive hours (with any revised pay code, date, and override accounting fields). This will effectively negate the prior submitted timecard entry and add the new adjustment entry.
  • To add additional lines to complete your entries, click on the Add Lines button.
  • Click the Save button to save a new adjustment or changes to an existing adjustment.
  • When you are ready to send the adjustment to your supervisor for approval, click the Submit button. The system will check all adjustment entries, and may display edit messages at the bottom of the screen. For edit messages, either:
    • Correct the errors, and then re-click Submit, OR
    • Click the Override button to acknowledge the edit messages and submit the data “as is.”
  • Once you have either submitted the adjustment without edit messages, or overridden them, the Employee Certification screen will display. Click Submit to add your electronic signature and automatically send the adjustment to your supervisor.