When you are trying to determine if a pay code for a specific employee is mapped to the correct accrual bucket, start by accessing that employee’s User Maintenance screen.  To access the User Maintenance screen, hover over the ADMIN icon, then click on the User link from the drop-down navigation menu.  This will bring up the User Maintenance screen.

  • Enter the Employee ID or the Employee Name for the user whose accrual mapping you wish to check.  Note that the Employee Name is typically stored in the system as “Last Name, First Name and Initials”, for example “Smith, John A”.
  • Click on the Search button. You should now see the employee’s information displayed in the User Maintenance screen.

Once you have the employee’s User Maintenance screen displayed, click on the Paycode button found in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will bring up a summary list of all the pay codes that the employee is eligible for.  Navigate to the page that contains the pay code you are interested in, and then click on the Edit Rules button that lines up with the pay code name. This will bring up the Eligibility Rule Details screen for that pay code.  This screen will show you if the pay code is mapped to an accrual bucket, as well as the factor that is being used to add or subtract time from the accrual bucket, using the Type and Factor fields in the lower left.

If the Type pick list is blank, then the pay code is not mapped to an accrual bucket.  You can select the appropriate bucket from the Type pick list, and then enter the factor into the Factor field.  If the pay code should subtract from the accrual bucket, then the value entered in the Factor field needs to be negative.  If the pay code is adding to the accrual bucket, then the value added in the Factor field should be positive.

Please note – Any changes to this eligibility screen will take effect for every employee that shares this eligibility, not just the specific employee you searched for.  If you are unsure of whether a change should be made, please contact IntelliTime Support for assistance.