Pay Codes are used to define how an employee has used his or her time.  This allows for reporting and tracking of things like regular time, overtime, training hours and working out of class.  All the pay codes in the system can be located on the Pay Code Management screen, as seen below.  To access the screen, hover on the PEP icon, the System Config link and then click on the Pay Codes navigation link.  From this screen you can review, add, edit or delete pay codes.

At the bottom of the screen there will be a nearly blank row.  This row is used to create new pay codes.  To create a new pay code, enter the following information:

NameThis is what the pay code will be called and will be seen in all pay code pick lists from the timecard to the report setup screens.  This field is limited to 10 characters.  *Note – The system does support multiple pay codes with the same name in order for multiple groups to have their own version of a Regular pay code.  Unless you have a specific reason for having multiple pay codes with the same name, it is a best practice to keep the names original and use eligibility rules to create different access rights. This helps prevent confusion later when trying to use the pay codes.*

Display Order – This pick list sets the order in which pay codes will be displayed in the pick list. For example, if you wanted the Regular pay code to be at the top of the list since it is used the most, you would assign it a display order of 1.   Multiple pay codes may have the same display order, in which case these codes will be displayed alphabetically within their group.  If no display order is set, then the pay codes will be listed alphabetically after the pay codes with a display order.

Upload Code This is how the pay code will be listed in the upload file sent to your payroll program. If the pay code is to be uploaded to your payroll program, this Upload Code must match a code existing in that program.  Multiple pay codes can use the same upload code.  For example, IntelliTime may have a standard Sick code and an FMLA Sick code to help track how much FMLA leave has been used in a year, but your payroll program views sick leave as sick leave regardless of the reason, so both pay codes would have the same Upload Code. 

Upload OrderThis pick list sets the order in which the code will be uploaded on the export file to your payroll program. Each pay code could be assigned its own upload order, but usually the same Upload Order number is assigned to multiple pay codes.  For instance, all the pay codes that earn straight pay may need to be uploaded first, then the overtime codes, and finally the leave codes.  In this example, the straight pay codes would be Upload Order 1, the overtime codes Upload Order 2 and the leave codes Upload Order 3.  If your payroll program does not require a specific order to code upload, then all the Upload Orders can be set to 1.  If the Upload Order is set to 0, the pay code will not be included in the upload file.  This is used for pay codes that are used purely for tracking purposes, like time clock Punch, or pay codes used to check rules like _NULL.

Description This field can be used to better describe what the pay code is used for, especially if the pay code is numeric or abbreviated to fit in the 10 character limit.  This description can be viewed by clicking on the Pay Code List icon on a timecard, or on the Multi-Day leave request leave type pick list.

Use with Accruals Place a check in this box if the pay code is to be used for eligibility associated with Accrual Plans.

Group - This determines which group can access the pay code. If users from multiple Groups may use this pay code, select ALL for the Group.

Once all the fields are entered, click Update to create the new pay code.  It will be added to the Pay Code table in alphabetical order.  Use the Previous and Next buttons or the search pick list to move to the page your new pay code is on.

Each pay code will have two buttons and a check box next to it.  The first button is the Edit Rules button.  This will take you to the Pay Code Eligibility Rules screen, where you can further define who can use this pay code and how they are allowed to use it.  Please note that you must add at least one eligibility line to the pay code if it is to be used. 

The second button is the Edit Groups button.  This will take you to the Paycode Groups Select screen where you can define the pay code groups in which this pay code will be included. 

The Delete checkbox is used to delete pay codes.