When a timecard is opened by a user, VTI will lock the document so that only one person can make changes to the document at a time. When the user correctly Submits, Saves or Returns out of the document the timecard is unlocked so that it can be accessed by other roles in the workflow (supervisors or payroll clerks). If the document is not closed properly—such as when a user closes their browser without first Saving, Submitting, or Returning out of the timecard—the lock will remain. Other roles in the workflow will be able to access the timecard while the lock remains, but it will be read-only. 

To see who is using the document or has control, go to the Document Review screen.  Select the pay period, insert the Emp ID or Emp Name to locate the individual’s timecard. Once the document displays in the bottom section, click on the link under the Status column and a pop up window labeled IntelliTime View Signatures will appear.  This window will show the status for each role.

If any of the statuses indicate the document is open, you may contact the individual to ask them to close the document so you may have control. To close the document they should open it and then properly close it by clicking Save or Return. If the user is not available to do this, then the lock will timeout and unlock the document after the Session Timeout value has passed. The Session Timeout value is located under the Admin tab\System Configuration\System Settings.  It is generally set to thirty minutes.