It is not uncommon for employees to have multiple supervisors.  Some of these supervisors are layered in a hierarchical manner and the employee’s time must be approved at the various levels before being finalized for payroll processing.  VTI handles this process through document workflows.  Different types of supervisors would have different roles in the workflow.

Less common is when an employee has two unrelated jobs within the same organization with different supervisors.   An example would be a fireman who coaches basketball a few days a week at the recreation center.  This can be handled by creating a second appointment (a second User Maintenance profile).  The two User Maintenance profiles for the employee only require that he has the same Employee Number, Social Security Number (optional) and Name.  Everything else in the two user profiles, including assigned supervisor, can be different.  VTI will recognize the User Maintenance profiles are for the same individual and calculate overtime and various other pay requirements accordingly.