A read only restriction on a timecard will restrict a user from modifying data and is indicated on the timecard by turning the card, or select sections of the timecard, blue.   Some sections of a timecard that have data written to them from the time clocks or the dynamic schedule may be read only and will require a supervisor, or someone with authorization, to make corrections directly on the schedule or Who Is In screen.

Timecards are read only because users are restricted from making modifications to the timecard, or the timecard is a different status in the workflow.   Timecards awaiting employee signatures will appear read only to the supervisor until the employee submits the timecard moving it along to the next level in the workflow.    The card will once again become read only to the supervisor when he has approved the timecard and submitted it to the next level in the workflow.

Read only status on timecards can only be removed by changing the document’s status in the workflow.  This may require using the GET button on the timecard to pull the timecard up to the current user’s position in the workflow or using the UNSIGN button to force the timecard back down the workflow.

Occasionally, timecards become read only because the user navigated away from the timecard without using the RETURN button.  This will require the user who locked the timecard to access it again and exit properly. This cause will usually be accompanied by a warning pop-up message when opening the timecard stating another user has the timecard open.