The IntelliTime Remind Me checkbox is a feature that can send reminder passwords to users if they forget the IntelliTime login password. The IntelliTime security model uses a browser “cookie” that is saved on the user’s local browser to indicate that that user has successfully logged into IntelliTime before from this PC using their user number and password. When the cookie is found during login, and the user enters an incorrect password, the Remind Me checkbox is displayed.

Some reasons that would cause the Remind Me checkbox to not display include:

  1. The user was not the last person to log in using this PC. Remember - If multiple people log into Windows on the same computer each Windows session has separate cookies. If this is a shared computer or kiosk and Bob was the last one to log into VTI, when Barbara tries to login and enters and incorrect password, she will not see Remind Me. This prevents people with an interesting sense of humor from resetting their friend’s password from their PC using Remind Me.
  2. Cookies are disabled or are deleted by the Anti-Virus security software.
  3. The user does not have an email address on their User profile screen. Since Remind Me uses their email address and emails cannot be sent without this, the Remind Me checkbox is suppressed for these users.