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How to set up Live Chat Wrap-Up

Comm100 Live Chat offers the ability for agents to attach Chat Wrap-Up comments, as well as categorize the chats to what you see fit for your business.

The Agent Wrap-Up form contains different fields that allow agents to categorize and comment on chats. Each wrap-up field can be set as Required or Visible or both based on your needs.


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. In the left navigation bar click the Live Chat tab.livechat tab-kbimage-001.png
  3. In the Campaign drop-down menu click the Agent Wrap-Up tab.Agent Wrap-up - KB-001.png
  4. On the Agent Wrap-up page click the Add a Field button.Agent Wrap-up - KB-002.png
  5. Choose the type of field you’d like to add and set it as Visible or Required or both.Add a Field - KB-002.png
  6. Click Save.

There you are. The new settings will take effect immediately. You do not need to re-paste the live chat code to make the change work. If you’re logged in to the agent console, you will need to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.