What is Chatbot Sensitivity

Chatbot sensitivity refers to the Chatbot’s capacity to provide matching answers to the visitor questions during the live chat. The Chatbot’s sensitivity is determined and set using a score range of 0 to 100 where 100 represents an absolute match, and 0 represents no match. The score range is manually set or adjusted to represent the level of matching answers provided by the chatbot to the visitor questions.

The answers provided by the Chatbot fall into three categories based on the score range:

  • High Confidence Answers
  • No Answer
  • Possible Answers

How does Chatbot Sensitivity work?

Chatbot sensitivity works by detecting the visitor’s question from the live chat and discovering its matching intent in the intent base.

When a visitor enters a message to the bot, our Natural Language Processing engine scans all of the question variants for all the intents in the bot, assigning a confidence score to each. The response for the intent containing the question variant with the highest score will be displayed to the visitor (if the score is higher than the High Confidence Answer Score threshold).

By default, the High Confidence Answer score threshold is set to 40, and the No Answer Score is set to 10.

High Confidence Answers and Score:

If the matching score of a question in the pre-defined intent base is equal to or greater than the value set for High Confidence Answer, the Chatbot directly sends the preset answer of this question to visitors as the High Confidence Answer.

 Preview - 4.png

No Answer and No Answer Score:

When the Chatbot finds no matching answer in its intent base to the visitor’s question, or the matching score is less than the No Answer Score, it returns no answer. The unrecognized visitor questions get automatically added to the Learning page of the Chatbot, and the Chatbot provides an alternative solution to the visitor such as “Chat with a Live Agent”.

Possible Answer:

The Possible Answer score range lies between the High Confidence Score range and the No Answer Score range.

The Chatbot provides a possible answer to the visitor’s question if the matching score of an answer is less than the High Confidence score and more than the No Answer score. By default, the Possible Answer score range is from 11 to 39.

Modifying Bot Sensitivity Score

You can modify the Bot sensitivity score as per your requirements. Reducing or increasing the bot score directly impacts the responses provided by the chatbot. For example, if you have decreased the High Confidence Answer score, there is a higher chance for the chatbot to directly send the High confidence answer and a lesser chance to send the possible question list to visitors.

Similarly, if you want to reduce the possibility of a No Answer response, you need to decrease the No Answer Score. It lets the Chatbot return a possible answer, rather than no answer to visitors.