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How to Clear My Unpaid Bills

Once signed up to Comm100, charges for your subscription take place automatically based on your billing settings. If the automatic payment fails for some reason, you need to pay your bills manually to renew your subscription.

In the following scenarios, you are required to clear your unpaid bills to have consistent services:

  • Your account is active with unpaid bills, and you can use Comm100 services as usual.
  • Your account is suspended due to unpaid bills. Comm100 services are unavailable, however, you can still log in to Comm100 to clear the bills. Any other operations are not allowed.

When charges fail in the due billing date, Comm100 will keep providing services to you for nine days. If the bills get cleared during this period, your Comm100 services won’t be interrupted. Otherwise, Comm100 services will stop.

Step by Step Instructions

To clear your unpaid bills, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Global Settings > Billing > Billing Profile.
    The Billing Profile page shows your payment information and billing information including your billing period and the amount due.
  3. Check your payment information and make necessary changes. Make sure that your payment method is correct, and your balance is larger than the amount due.
  4. Click Pay Now on the right of the amount due. The system charges the amount due after you click the button, and Comm100 services resume when charging succeeds.
    Note: You can have up to three attempts per day to clear the bills. If the payment fails three times in a day, you need to wait until the next day before you can try again. Make sure your payment method is correct, and your balance is sufficient before you click the button. If you need further assistance to clear the bills after three failed attempts,  you can chat with us.

Your unpaid bills are cleared now, and you can use Comm100 services as usual.