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How to set Logical Expression

When you set up conditions for Auto Invitation, Visitor Segmentation, Routing, and Dynamic Campaign, you can use Logical Operators of AllAny, or Logical Expression to trigger rules.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Select Use logic expression from the drop-down list.New Auto Invitation - KB-003.png
  2. Click Add a Condition and set up conditions based on your needs. Each condition will have its own identifier number.
  3. Enter the logical expression.
    Example: If you have 5 conditions, you can use Expression like (1 or 2 or 3) and (4 and 5). This expression means the rule will be triggered when any of the 1 to 3 conditions is met as well as condition 4 and condition 5 are met. The number here is the condition identifier number.New Auto Invitation - KB-002.png
    • The parentheses must come in pairs and be written as half-width.
    • Or, And are not case sensitive. Space should be added before and after.
    • The precedence of logical operators in order from highest to lowest is: (), And, Or.
    • The number used in the expression must exist in the identifier number list.
    • Redundant space will be automatically removed.
  4. Click the blank area outside the text box and the system starts verifying the expression.
  5. After the successful verification, a Green checkmark appears next to the expression. If verification gets failed, a Red cross appears, and you cannot save the page.
  6. Click Save to save the changes.