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How to Set Up Email Notification for Offline Messages

With Comm100 Live Chat, website visitors can click the chat button to leave offline messages when no agents are online. You can set up email addresses to receive offline messages.

By default, offline messages are sent from If you want to change the email sender address, navigate to Live Chat > Campaign > Chat Window > Options for Visitors menu, and change the SMTP server settings under Allow visitors to email chat transcripts option.

Step by Step Instructions

To set up email addresses to receive offline messages, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Comm100 account.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Live Chat > Campaign.
  3. Select your campaign and go to Offline Message
    Note: If you have multiple campaigns, make sure that you’re customizing the correct campaign. 
  4. Under the Email Offline Message section, set up the email addresses to receive offline messages.
    • If Routing rules is not used, choose to send offline messages to all agents' email addresses or to specified email addresses.
    • If Routing Rules is used, you need to set up the email address under Global Settings > People > Departments. You can define the email address to receive Offline Messages for each department.
    • If you use custom Routing Rules, you can set up the email address to receive the Offline Message when visitors fail to be routed based on the custom rules. kb-offline-04.png
  5. Click Save.