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Release Update (Dec 9, 2021) | Chatbot Integration

This release note gives you an overview of the latest integrations available on the Comm100 Chatbot. These integrations will help you:

  • Use the Comm100 Chatbot on your zendesk chat. 
  • Deploy IBM’s Watson Assistant with Comm100 and use it across all Comm100 channels. 
  • Use the Comm100 Chatbot to easily access customer information using Dynamics 365 actions.

Zendesk Chat Integration with Chatbot

Comm100 now provides the integration of its Chatbot with zendesk chat. The integration allows you to provide faster and better services to your visitors in the following scenarios:

  • If you are already using the Comm100 Chatbot and wish to use zendesk chat.
  • If you are already using zendesk chat and are looking to integrate with a capable Chatbot.

To learn more about zendesk chat integration, see this article


IBM Watson Assistant Integration with Chatbot

Comm100 Chatbot supports third-party engines apart from our in-house Bot engine. If you have already built a Watson assistant and want to use it over Comm100, you can integrate it with Comm100. Once set up, your integrated Watson chatbot can be used in Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels.

To learn more on deploying the Watson Assistant on Comm100, see this article

Dynamics 365 Integration with Chatbot

You can now create a new system or custom entities (lead/case/contact/task) in Dynamics 365 through Chatbot. You can even search a record by performing a basic and advanced search using Dynamics 365 actions.

Create a record

The Create a record action gives you the ability to create a record to Dynamics 365 across the Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels. The information collected is saved into record fields in Dynamics 365. A record ID is created and saved to a variable.


Find a record

The Find a record action gives you the ability to find a record in Dynamics 365 by a field value. You can then save the field values of the found record into bot variables so that you can use them later in the flow.


Find a record by FetchXML

The Find a record by FetchXML action gives you the ability to write the advanced search statement to find records in Dynamics 365 in the Intent-Answer or Event Messages flow builder across the Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels. This action can be used where you do not get the desired results from the Find a record action.


To learn more about the Dynamics 365 integration, see this article.