How to Calculate Bot Action Usage 

Bot Action usage is calculated based on the number of messages your bot sends to your visitors. These messages are triggered or sent to visitors during any chat. Bot Action usage calculation consists of Intent Answers and Event Messages.  

To understand the bot action uses calculation, consider the following example: 

A client is using one Chatbot to answer questions received from their visitor. The client has one intent.

How to Calculate Bot Action Usage 1.png

The bot action usage for the client is calculated in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: There is one visitor who chatted with the bot. The chat triggers the single intent that is available, and the visitor left the chat in action “B”.

How to Calculate Bot Action Usage - Google Chrome .png

The bot has sent two messages to the visitor. Two actions (A+B) are triggered to send these messages, hence the action usage calculated in this case is two.

Scenario 2: There is one visitor who chatted with the bot. The chat triggers the same intent, and the visitor chooses option 1, “Open account,” in the action “B”. The bot continued the Intent flow and sent the action “D”. There is another visitor who chats with the bot. The same intent triggers and the chat ends when the second visitor is in the action “B”.  

bot action usage2.png The bot actions triggered are four actions (A+B+C1+D) for the first visitor and two actions (A+B) for the second visitor hence a total of six action usage is calculated.  

Note: If there are more actions triggered from the intent during a chat, the number of actions triggered is calculated.