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Comm100 X2 Upgrade - Features and UI Changes

Comm100 X2 brings about an indispensable user experience upgrade to your current platform. The new platform makes you more accessible to manage your Comm100 deployment and encourages developers with an upgraded API with virtually endless integration potential.

The Comm100 X2 platform completely overhauls the look and feel of the Control Panel to make it easier and faster to configure Comm100 for your business. These changes include responsive web design, a more intuitive menu, and a new color palette.

Features Added

Live Chat

The following features of Comm100 Live Chat from your current platform are added in Comm100 X2:

Super Agent

Super agents refer to agents who can access multiple sites with one a single login. In the case of answering chats and tickets from multiple sites, agents need to open multiple windows with different accounts. The Super Agent feature allows agents to handle chats and tickets from multiple sites faster and easier. With Super Agent enabled, agents can view and reply to messages from different sites at once without switching among multiple windows.  

On the Agent Console, super agents can answer chats and tickets from all the sites that they are assigned to in one window. The chats and tickets from different sites are shown under different tabs.

To learn more about Super Agent operations, see this article.

release notes 3.png

Skill-Based Routing

Skill-Based Routing (SBR) is a way to route chats based on agents’ skills so that your visitors can quickly get the targeted support that they need. Skills can be languages, IT skills, or product areas.  

In the Comm100 system, you can group your agents into different departments according to their responsibilities. Using SBR combined with department grouping helps you assign incoming visitors to the most suitable agents. By grouping agents into departments and defining agents’ skills, you can route visitors to agents in a specified department with certain skills so that visitors can get targeted support quickly. 

To learn more about skill-based routing, see this article


Deltapath Integration

Deltapath offers voice cloud services to revolutionize the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies. Comm100 Live Chat integration with Deltapath allows you to provide call support to your visitors from your Agent Console. 


To learn more about Deltapath integration, see this article

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Comm100's integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM lets you access and update Dynamics 365 customer information directly inside the Comm100 agent console. This integration makes it easy for your team to deliver consistent and contextualized customer experiences and saves them from multiple applications while chatting with customers.

You can:

  • Identify existing contacts/leads in Dynamics 365
  • Display Dynamics 365 information in the Comm100 Agent Console
  • Create or update Dynamics 365 lead/contact data in the Comm100 Agent Console
  • Capture chats/offline messages as tasks/cases in the Comm100 Agent Console
  • Create Chat Routing Rules and Visitor Segmentation Rules with Dynamics 365 Fields

To learn more on Comm100’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, see this article.


The following features of Comm100 Bot from your current platform are added in Comm100 X2:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

You can now create a new system or custom entities (lead/case/contact/task) in Dynamics 365 through Chatbot. You can even search a record by performing a basic and advanced search using Dynamics 365 actions.

Create a record

The Create a record action gives you the ability to create a record to Dynamics 365 across the Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels. The information collected is saved into record fields in Dynamics 365. A record ID is created and saved to a variable.

Find a record

The Find a record action gives you the ability to find a record in Dynamics 365 by a field value. You can then save the field values of the found record into bot variables so that you can use them later in the flow.

Find a record by FetchXML

The Find a record by FetchXML action gives you the ability to write the advanced search statement to find records in Dynamics 365 in the Intent-Answer or Event Messages flow builder across the Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels. This action can be used where you do not get the desired results from the Find a record action.

To learn more about the Dynamics 365 integration, see this article.

Task Bot

A Task Bot is a bot that automates rule-based and repetitive actions to help improve your team's productivity and efficiency.

It guides your customers using a conversational interface that is more engaging than a traditional webform or knowledge base. It allows businesses to increase customer engagement on their website and provide their customers with an "always-on" self-service option. Businesses can collect leads, book meetings, route chats, reduce wait times, and automate basic customer service workflows.

With a Task Bot in place, you can maximize your time spent on the most complex, sensitive, and high-value interactions.

To learn more about how to build a Task Bot, see this article.

Keyword Engine

Besides the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine, now Keyword Engine is also available to build a new Chatbot. You can build unlimited Keyword engine Chatbots. Although Keyword Engine does not support Entity nor Prompt, it usually requires fewer Intent Similar Questions. In addition, Keyword Engine can provide multiple possible intents if it cannot confidently recognize a visitor’s questions.

Bot Optimization

The new flow builder is available now to edit Intent Answers and Event Messages.

  • Many new Comm100 Bot Actions are available in the flow Builder, such as, Collect Name, Collect Variable Data, Set Variable Value, and more. You can use different action types to build the answer flow in different channels. To learn more on Comm100 Bot Actions, see this article.
  • User experience for configuring Entity while editing an Intent is optimized. You can now click and drag to select words, add two selection handles in selected words, and drag the handles to change the start and end position.
  • You can now add a Delay in bot responses to deliver multiple messages to the customer at a comfortable reading pace. By default, the delay is 0 seconds. However, you can adjust up to 10 seconds. During the typing delay, the bot shows the typing indicator to the customer.
  • The new Third-party Bot Introduction page is added in Comm100 X2. If you choose a Third-party bot, you get a Third-Party Bot Introduction page showing a brief description of its features.
  • On your Bot’s Dashboard page, you can now see your monthly usage quota, total allocated quota, and quota reset period of your Bot actions so that you are aware of the number of days and Bot's actions left for the monthly period. The Bot actions quota includes quota from Chatbot, Task Bot, and Third-party Bot.
  • The Test Bot feature becomes an individual button floating on the bottom right corner for each bot page, such as Intents, Entities, Learning, Smart Triggers, Event Messages, and Canned Quick Replies.
  • The Chatbot can use Variables to remember visitor's information in an Intent, from marked Entity in Intent Similar Questions, and from the Variable built in the flow itself. You can add and remove Variables when editing the Chatbot actions. The Chatbot can ask a visitor a question and save the visitor's answer or choice to the Variable.
    You can use the following Chatbot actions to obtain information from visitors and save it to Variables:
    • Collect Variable Data
    • Collect Location
    • Collect Name
    • Collect Email
    • Collect Phone Number
    • Collect Company Name
    • Collect Comment
  • You can use the Variable's value and Collected Info value in all messages in all Chatbot actions as Dynamic Info. In addition, a Variable is temporal, and it only exists in an intent. If you want the information to be remembered during the whole chat session, you need to "set value" to a Custom Variable.

  • Conditional Logic - Conditions are a step that can be used within a chatbot answer flow that changes the path a visitor will take based on information about them.  In Comm100 Bot, you can add conditions via the Conditions action in the Intents-Answers and Event Messages flow builder.


    You can add multiple branches in a Conditions card. Each branch leads to a different action in the chatbot flow. Each branch is checked in sequential order, and there is no limit to add these branches. 

    You can add multiple conditions within a branch. These conditions can be combined by multiple "And" or "Or" or "Logical expression."


    To learn more on configuring Conditions, see this article.

  • Book a meeting via Calendly - The Book a meeting via Calendly action gives you the ability to book meetings for the Live Chat channel. Once your meeting is booked, it appears on the Booked Meetings page in the Chatbot menu. You need to have an account in Calendly before you can book a meeting.

  • Send Numeric Menu - The Send numeric menu action gives your customers the ability to select menu options using numbers instead of text. Options within the menu can be a number 0 to 9. This action is only available for WeChat, WhatsApp, and SMS channels for a visitor to choose an option by replying to a number.


  • Change Ticket Assignee - This action is available for all the Ticketing & Messaging channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, and SMS. It allows you to change ticket assignee to an agent, department, or by routing rules once a certain condition is met.

    The bot can trigger the Change ticket assignee action in the following scenarios:

    • If you choose "Assign to agent", it will only be triggered when the ticket doesn't have an Agent Assignee.
    • If you choose "Assign to department", it will only be triggered when the ticket doesn't have a Department Assignee.
  • Sentiment Analysis - Sentiment Analysis analyzes the messages your visitors send during the conversation with your Chatbot and returns a sentiment for you to understand how your Chatbot performs and where it can be improved. The sentiment score ranges from -10 to 10 and can be manually adjusted. It defines the sentiment types: Very positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative, and Very negative.

    To learn more on Sentiment Analysis, see this article.

Voice Bot

Voice bots are chatbots operating in the voice channels. They can understand speech and talk with people like a human agent. Like chatbots, voice bots can run automated chat flows for various purposes, put data into your CRM and transfer calls to the appropriate agents.

Voice bots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret words. When it comes to giving replies, voice bots can either use pre-recorded audio files or Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. 

If you are providing customer service in voice channels, voice bots are a perfect solution. For large numbers of incoming requests, voice bots significantly improve customer service. They can answer calls around the clock and save customers from lengthy waiting for an available agent.

To learn more about using voice bots, see this article.

Ticketing & Messaging

The following features of Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging from your current platform are added in Comm100 X2:

Spell Check

Comm100 provides Spell Check for the following languages: Catalan, Croatian, Danish, English (Australia), English (Canada), English (South Africa), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), French, German (Austria), German (Germany), German (Switzerland), Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish in Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging. Spell Check improves your chat efficiency. 

To learn more on Spell Check on Comm100 TIcketing & Messaging, see this article.

New Channels

LINE Integration

LINE is an instant communications application on electronic and mobile devices. LINE users can exchange messages using texts, images, video, and audio. They can also conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.

To learn more about integrating the LINE channel, see this article

Before integrating the LINE channel with Comm100, you need to set up a LINE Official account. You will need Channel ID, Channel secrets, and Channel access code (long-lived) from the LINE Developers Console.

To learn more on finding the LINE channel-related information, see this article.

Telegram Integration

Telegram is a messaging application that can be used across web, desktop, and mobile platforms. Telegram users can exchange messages using texts, images, video, audio, files, and more. It also supports end-to-end encryption of voice and video calls for its users.

To learn more about integrating the Telegram channel, see this article.

Before integrating the Telegram channel with Comm100, you need to set up a Telegram account. You would need a Bot token from the Telegram account.

To learn more on finding the Bot token, see this article.

Instagram Integration

Now you can handle Instagram queries within your Comm100 Agent Console. Once your Instagram Professional account is successfully connected to Comm100, you can convert:

  • Instagram Post to a ticket
  • Instagram Post Comments to a ticket
  • Instagram Direct Message to a ticket


To learn more about Instagram integration, see this article.

Office 365 Email Support

You can now add your email accounts to Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging via Office 365 or Exchange Online account to provide customer service in the email channel. After successfully connecting your email account, tickets are created for all incoming emails to the account. 


To learn more about Office 365 Email support, see this article.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is a front-end and server-based approach to enable end-to-end secure communication with your clients and protect sensitive data. Your client can immediately start confidential and authenticated conversations from any part of the world.     

Once your Secure Messaging is in place: 

  • You can add a new Secure Messaging channel account from your Control Panel.
  • You can create Views and answer the Secure Messaging tickets from your Agent Console. 
  • You can also Enable or Disable any Secure Messenger and use certain conditions while configuring the Routing Rules, Triggers, and SLAs.
  • You can use the Credit Card Masking feature for the Secure Messaging channel.
  • You can configure the Secure Messaging Security from your Control Panel.

To learn more about Secure Messaging, see this article. release notes 1.png

You can also customize your Secure Messaging to resonate with the look and feel of your website. To learn more about customization, security, and installation, see the following articles on Branding, Forms, Attachment, Security, and Installation. release notes 2.png


Comm100’s Messenger is an asynchronous communication method where participants on both sides of the conversation are free to start, pause, and resume conversational messaging on their terms, eliminating waiting for a direct live connection. 

Once your Messenger is in place, you can:  

  • Add a new Messenger channel account from your Control Panel 
  • Create Views and answer the Messenger tickets from your Agent Console 
  • Use certain conditions while configuring the Routing Rules, Triggers, and SLAs 
  • Use the Credit Card Masking feature for the Messenger channel 
  • Setup Visitor SSO for a Messenger 
  • View Ticketing & Messaging reports for the Messenger channel

To learn more about Messenger, see this article


You can customize your Messenger to resonate with the look and feel of your website. To learn more about customization, see the following articles on Launcher and Window

You can set up a visitor SSO to authenticate your visitor’s account information before the chat starts and also do the installation of the Messenger on your website. To learn more about the visitor Single Sign-On and installation, see Visitor SSO Setup and Installation


Shared Mailbox support

You can now monitor and send emails from a common Shared mailbox account among the group of people in your organization. When a person in the group replies to a message sent to the shared mailbox, the email looks like it was sent by the shared mailbox, not from the individual user. 


To learn more on the Shared Mailbox setup, see this article.

Powered by Comm100

The Remove “Powered by Comm100” in emails toggle key is added under the Advanced section of the Email page.

Note: his feature is available in the Omnichannel Business edition and above.

Apps & Integrations 

Live Chat

Shopify integration is now added to Comm100 X2. You can add your Comm100 Live Chat app into your Shopify store. It takes a few clicks to get live chat up and running on your Shopify store, so you'll be chatting with your customers in no time.

After the integration, you will see your Shopify store customers' data within Comm100 Agent Console. Specifically, you'll have quick access to their information and order history, live information of their Shopify carts, and receive real-time notifications when a customer's cart is updated with new or removed items.

To learn more about integrating Shopify, see this article.


The following integrations are available on the Comm100 Chatbot.

Zendesk Chat Integration with Chatbot

Comm100 now provides the integration of its Chatbot with Zendesk Chat. The integration allows you to provide faster and better services to your visitors in the following scenarios:

  • If you are already using the Comm100 Chatbot and wish to use zendesk chat.
  • If you are already using zendesk chat and are looking to integrate with a capable Chatbot.

To learn more about Zendesk Chat integration, see this article.

IBM Watson Assistant Integration with Chatbot

Comm100 Chatbot supports third-party engines apart from our in-house Bot engine. If you have already built a Watson assistant and want to use it over Comm100, you can integrate it with Comm100. Once set up, your integrated Watson chatbot can be used in Live Chat and Ticketing & Messaging channels.

To learn more on deploying the Watson Assistant on Comm100, see this article.

Features Changed

Live Chat

The following features of Comm100 Live Chat from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • On the Pre-chat and Offline Message pages, you can now save their headers independently.
  • In your current platform, if you change the default language for a campaign to another language, your other settings get cleared up, and you need to set it up again. In Comm100 X2, when updating a campaign language, your other settings remain the same.
    The following fields are changed to the default target language.
    • The system fields such as Name, Email, Department, Product Service, Attachment, Ticket ID, Rating, Rating Comment, Subject, Message
    • Text Content of the Text Link button
    • Chat Window Title for the popup chat window
    • Team Name in the header
    • Pre-set Greeting Message for Pre-chat, Post-chat, and Offline message
    • Rating
    • Comment
    • Default Invitation Message
    In addition, all the Language parts (Current Text and Default Text) are changed to the target language.
  • The Auto Accept Chat and Auto Allocation names are now unified into Auto Distribution for all the Comm100 plans.
  • Ban List now has two tabs: Banned Visitors and Banned IPs. You can now lift the ban on all IP addresses and visitors using the select all and the Delete button.
  • The Filter by department search function is removed from the Notifications tab of the Edit Segment page. It is now replaced with a new interface for the Department and Agent selection. On the left part, it shows Unselected Departments and on the right part, it shows the Selected Departments.


The following features of Comm100 Bot from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • Upgrade:
    • The Chatbot message quota will convert to action quota in a 1:1 ratio, and when you upgrade from your current platform to Comm100 X2, your current month’s used quota will be reset. For example, if you want to upgrade on July 21st, your used quota for this month is 2,345 actions/messages and your quota is 10,000. Once you upgraded on July 21st, your used quota of this month would be 0 actions and your quota would remain 10,000 actions.
    • Comm100 X2 has new plans available for you: Comm100 Bot Enterprise and Comm100 Bot Business.
    • After the upgrade, you will have the Comm100 Bot Enterprise plan instead of the previous Comm100 AI Chatbot plan. The Comm100 Bot Enterprise plan has all Comm100 Bot features.
  • Auto Translation:
    The new Auto Translation feature enables your chatbot to chat with visitors using any language.  When Auto Translation is enabled, the chatbot detects the visitor’s language and translates the message automatically. The chatbot then sends responses in the language that the visitor used in the latest message. Visitors can see both the original and translated messages in the chat window.
    To learn more about Auto Translation for Chatbot, see this article.

Ticketing & Messaging

The following features of Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • Both System and Custom fields now show under the Ticketing & Messaging > Settings > Fields & Mappings > Fields tab. You can see the System and Custom field tooltips on the mouse over the S and C icons.
  • The metrics on the Ticketing & Messaging dashboard page is increased to eight as opposed to three on your current platform. The Dashboard page shows the following metrics:
    • Unassigned Tickets
    • Open Tickets
    • New Tickets
    • Pending Internal Tickets
    • Pending External Tickets
    • On Hold Tickets
    • Urgent Tickets
    • High Priority Tickets
  • Auto Allocation is now Auto distribution. Working time & hours is now Operating Hours & Holidays. The Operating Hours and Holidays are now in separate tabs.

Knowledge Base

The following features of Comm100 Knowledge Base from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The Knowledge Base is improved both from the user experience and interface. You can now select Knowledge base from the drop-down list. From the Manage knowledge bases area, you can create, edit, and delete knowledge bases.
  • For creating articles, the image upload size is now increased from 200 KB to 10.00 MB.


The following features of Reporting from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The Chatbot Usage report is split into Usage and Top Intents reports. The Usage report includes a time-based usage report and a usage-based on top intents/category report.
    Top used intents/categories

    Time based usage report

Global Settings

The following features of Global Settings from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The login verification experience is improved on the Login page. After a certain number of failed login attempts into the Comm100 platform, you are required to complete a CAPTCHA test before another attempt.

  • The Canned Messages is now moved to Global Settings > Canned Messages navigation menu.
  • The New Away Status page does not show the Visible check box. By default, the visible property of all Custom Away Status is enabled.
  • The IP Restrictions is now IP Allowlist. Here, you can control access to the Comm100 Control Panel and Agent Console by restricting logins to specific IPs or IP ranges.
  • Comm100 X2 now allows you to paste certificate content of agent SSO SAML protocol instead of uploading it as in the current platform.
  • The API Token menu is now OAuth Client. An OAuth Client is a token-based method of authentication which allows a third-party application to access Comm100 API using OAuth protocol.
  • The Download App menu is now Download Agent Apps. The Download Agent Apps now takes you to the Comm100 official webpage:
  • On the Agents page:
    • The Departments column now appears on the Agent list. The Departments column will not display if the Departments feature is disabled.
    • The Bio and Title columns on the Agent list are removed.
    • The Roles column is now placed at the left side of the Active column.
  • On the Departments page, the Agent's display name now changes to their avatars in the Members column.
  • The deleted action on Departments and Agents is optimized. The delete action only removes the Department from Comm100. All department-related data, such as chats, offline messages, and tickets, remain in your account.
Features Removed

Live Chat

The following features of Comm100 Live Chat from your current platform are either removed or discontinued in Comm100 X2:

  • The two steps for setting up Comm100 Live Chat are removed from the Dashboard.
  • The Custom Metrics function is removed from the Reporting > Live Chat > Realtime page.
  • The Total Fields column is removed from the Object Fields Mapping and Display in Comm100 section on the Salesforce integration page.

  • The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) feature now stands obsolete and is removed from Comm100 X2.
  • The Popup Invitation Image style is replaced with the Bubble style.


The following features of Comm100 Bot from your current platform are either removed or discontinued in Comm100 X2:

  • The Manual training button is removed. The Chatbot now gets trained automatically after each update.
  • The Default channel in Intent Answers is removed.
  • The Require Authentication BY Custom Variable in Intent Answers is removed from the Live Chat channel.
  • The following Messages from Bot’s settings of your current platform are now removed:
    • Message When Bot Has Provided Possible Answers for Several Consecutive Times
    • Message when a visitor choose the Contact an Agent option in Messaging Channels
    • Button Text on the Contact an Agent option
    • Button Text when Bot Requires Additional Information from Visitors



Ticketing & Messaging

The following features of Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging from your current platform are either removed or discontinued in Comm100 X2:

  • The condition First Message of Ticket in the Ticketing & Messaging Routing Rules is removed.


The following features of Reporting from your current platform are removed or discontinued in Comm100 X2:

  • Canned Messages reports do not include the statistics of the private canned message usage. It only focuses on the public canned message usage.

Global Settings

The following features of Global Settings from your current platform are removed or discontinued in Comm100 X2:

  • The Auto-detect daylight savings time check box in the Time Zone settings is removed from the Shifts, Site Profile, and New Agent pages. Now your system will auto-detect the daylight by using the Microsoft component.


UI Changes

The new Comm100 X2 platform comes with a few UI/UX improvements to facilitate ease of use.

Platform Level Changes

  • The Comm100 Control Panel is upgraded to a new user interface (UI).
  • The Drawer design is used to display configuration settings that were displayed on a new page or popup in your current platform.
  • Navigation between pages in the Control Panel is reduced.
  • Text descriptions are concise and more precise than in the current platform.
  • All unwarranted tooltips are removed.
  • Help Text description product is optimized.
  • The Counter widget is optimized to avoid errors.
  • The Email input fields are optimized. You can input an email address per line in a text field.
  • HTML editor is updated to Froala.
  • You can drag and drop to change the orders of items in a list.
  • You can add batch actions in the tables, such as the Blocked Senders and Ban list.
  • The Feature Introduction page is displayed for features that are not enabled.

Main Menu Options

The Main Menu options, such as Live Chat, Ticketing & Messaging, Bot, Knowledge Base, Reporting, and Global Settings are changed from a horizontal ribbon at the top of the screen to a vertical column on the left-hand side of the screen.




Live Chat

The following UI of Live Chat from your current platform is changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The Zendesk integration page is optimized by adding the Enable Account toggle key. You can now turn on the toggle key and connect with your Zendesk account.

  • The All Campaigns from the navigation menu and the Campaign drop-down list are replaced with a new interface. You can now select the individual campaigns from the secondary menu. The list of Campaigns appears on clicking the drop-down list.

  • On the Chat Window page of your Live Chat, the Customize Style with Your Own CSS area is moved below the Type area.

  • The Pre-Chat, Post Chat, and Offline Message pages now have a field drawer to manage custom field.
  • On the Pre-chat page, the Do not remember visitor info collected from pre-chat form check box name is changed to Remember visitor info collected from pre-chat form.

  • The Agent Wrap-up interface is improved for configuration. The Category’s Edit Field is improved for Basic mode and Advanced mode field options.
  • The History pages for Chats, Messages, Missed & Refused, and Agent Chats are improved. For a Free plan, you can add a query for the date limit.
  • The interface of Secure Forms is improved. You can now manage Secure Forms in a much easier way.
  • The SSO Sign-in Options section in the Visitor Single Sign-On (SSO) page is optimized for the configuration. A table now list all the Campaign and their Sign-In Options.



The following UI of Bot from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The user experience of Quick Replies on the visitor's chat window is improved. Quick Replies now display as Word Cloud as opposed to a horizontal scroll in your current platform. This style is easy to use when there are more than three Quick Reply items.

  • The Intent’s Answer section of your Chatbot is improved. A new flow builder is available now to create and edit Intent Answers. Many new Actions are available in flow builder, such as, Collect Name, Collect Variable Data, Set Variable Value, and more for creating Answers.

  • The Event Messages interface of your Chatbot is improved. A new flow builder is now available to update the following Event Messages:
    • Message when a visitor starts a chat
    • Message when a visitor's question is not recognized
    • Message when a visitor rates an answer as not helpful (Live Chat only)

  • Many new Actions are available in flow builder, such as, Collect Name, Collect Variable Data, Set Variable Value, and more for editing event messages.
    The Greeting Message in your current platform is now renamed to Message When a Visitor Starts a Chat.


Global Settings

The following UI of Global Settings from your current platform are changed in Comm100 X2:

  • The system default avatar of Bot agent and admin is updated to a new icon. The new agent will keep using the default avatar.
  • The system Avatar Gallery is replaced with new icons.

Visitor Side Chat Window UI changes

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 covers a wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible. To better conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA, on the new Comm100 X2 platform, we adjust the color scheme and CSS style of some elements in the visitor-side chat window.

Note: Comm100 Live Chat offers many accessibility features and customizations. To learn more about the accessibility features, see this article.

The major color and style change for the visitor-side chat window includes the following:

  • The background color of the pre-chat window, chat window, post-chat window, and offline message window.
  • The color of system fields.
  • The background color of buttons.
  • The background color and font color of messages.
  • The color of send time.
  • The color of the send button.
  • The color of links.
  • The hover style of attachment icon, audio and video call icons.
  • The background and font color of possible answers and quick reply options in the chat with a chatbot.
  • The color of Helpful or Not Helpful buttons in the chat with a chatbot.
  • The style of the single select dropdown.
  • The style of date and time selection box.
    color-6-old.png color-7-old.png
  • The rating style in the post-chat survey.