Release Update (Jun 21, 2022) | Integration and Email Channel Enhancements

This release update provides an overview of the new Comm100 features added to the Live Chat integration and Ticketing & Messaging.

Deltapath Integration

Deltapath integration with Comm100 Live Chat now adds multi-device switching and multi-server support for calling channels:

  • Multi-device Switching Support: You can switch between the devices during the call if any of your devices go off. You can still resume the call with a visitor by choosing another device from the screen. The call is routed to another device automatically. On the visitor side, the call continues seamlessly without any interruption.kb-deltapath-01.png
    While during the call, if a force log out happens on your account for any given reason, you need to log in again to resume the call.


  • Multiple Deltapath Account: On the Deltapath Integration page, you can create multiple Deltapath accounts, where each Deltapath server has different users with one or more devices. One Comm100 user is mapped with one Deltapath user only. Multiple Deltapath server support adds the capability to integrate with one or more Deltapath servers, which can be located at one or more locations.kb-deltapath-06.png

To learn more on Deltapath integration, see this article.

Custom Ticket Identity Rule

Some businesses want to track their customers' external transaction or notification engagements in Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging. They typically use a third-party system, which can send out an email notification for every status update. Such email notifications are currently treated as separate tickets in Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging.

With the Custom Ticket Identity rule on the Comm100 Ticketing & Messaging Email channel, your agents now have the option to keep track of a status update notification for a particular transaction as a single ticket.


To learn more about configuring the Custom Ticket Identity rule, see this article.