Release Update (Apr 26, 2022) | Messenger

This release update provides an overview of the asynchronous messaging feature newly added to Ticketing & Messaging. 

Comm100’s Messenger is an asynchronous communication method where participants on both sides of the conversation are free to start, pause, and resume conversational messaging on their terms, eliminating waiting for a direct live connection. 

Once your Messenger is in place, you can:  

  • Add a new Messenger channel account from your Control Panel 
  • Create Views and answer the Messenger tickets from your Agent Console 
  • Use certain conditions while configuring the Routing Rules, Triggers, and SLAs 
  • Use the Credit Card Masking feature for the Messenger channel 
  • Setup Visitor SSO for a Messenger 
  • View Ticketing & Messaging reports for the Messenger channel

To learn more about Messenger, see this article


You can customize your Messenger to resonate with the look and feel of your website. To learn more about customization, see the following articles on Launcher and Window

You can set up a visitor SSO to authenticate your visitor’s account information before the chat starts and also do the installation of the Messenger on your website. To learn more about the visitor Single Sign-On and installation, see Visitor SSO Setup and Installation