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What is Offline Message Window and how to customize it

Offline Message Window is used for your website visitors to leave offline messages when the status of the chat button is offline

  • Visitors can also choose to leave offline messages if they don’t want to wait for agents to answer their chat requests.
  • Although offline messages can be viewed in your Comm100 account, you can set them to receive visitors’ messages in your email addresses.

Customizing Comm100 Live Chat Offline Message Window is easy. Follow the instructions to define your own offline message window. 


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to your Comm100 account.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Live Chat > Campaign.
  3. Select a campaign from the drop-down list and go to Offline Message.kb-offmsg-02.png
  4. Choose whether to open the Default Comm100 Offline Message Window, Redirect visitors to the custom page, or Trigger a Task Bot.kb-offmsg-01.png
  5. Set your team name, avatar, and greeting message.
    Note: If you want to set up the team name, you must use the Popup Chat Window type.
  6. Set the visible and required fields showing on your offline message window to collect the information based on your needs.
  7. Define your email addresses where visitors’ offline messages will be sent to.
    Note:  If you have routing rules turned on, you will see the Check out your routing rules link to configure the offline message depending on your routing rules.
  8. Click Save
Note: If you are using Enterprise Edition and Routing Rules is enabled, you need to set up the email address under Settings > Departments, edit each Department, you will have the option to define the email address to receive Offline Messages of this department. If you also use custom Routing Rules, you can set up the email address to receive the Offline Message when visitors fail to be routed based on any custom rules. To learn more about offline messages, see this article.