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How to Hide the Live Chat Button on Mobile Devices

You can choose to hide the Live Chat button for your visitors on mobile devices.  

Hiding the Live Chat button can come in handy for scenarios when you have different designs or content for your desktop and mobile sites or when your mobile site is not fully ready for visitors and so forth. 

If you use the same Comm100 site code for your desktop and mobile device sites and wish to hide the button for mobile devices, you can achieve it with the custom JavaScript option. 

Note:  If your desktop and mobile sites have separate site codes, paste the Live Chat code to the desktop site only.  

Step by Step Instructions 

To hide the Live Chat button on your mobile devices, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Control Panel.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Live Chat > Campaign and select your current campaign.Installation - Google Chrome 2021-12-28 16.28.12.png
    Note: If you are using multiple campaigns, ensure that you select the correct campaign. The changes will be applicable to the Live Chat button of the campaign that you select. To learn more about Multiple Campaigns, see this article.  
  3. Go to Chat Window > Advanced.Chat Window - Google Chrome 2021-12-28 16.49.19.png
  4. Select the Add custom JavaScript to my chat window option from the Advanced drop-down and add the following code.
    Chat Window - Google Chrome 2021-12-28 16.45.36.png
    var ifmobile = /mobile/i.test(navigator.userAgent); if (ifmobile) { Comm100API.onReady = function () { Comm100API.set('livechat.button.isVisible', false); }; }
  5. Click Save

The Live Chat button will not be visible on mobile devices now.