How to Use the Bot-to-Bot Transfer

The Comm100 Bot-to-Bot Transfer allows you to transfer chats from one Chatbot to another Chatbot or Task Bot to another Chatbot. When a chat is transferred from one Bot to another Bot, the first Bot leaves the chat as one chat can be handled by one Bot at a time. The second Bot launches with its Greetings Messages. 

You can use this feature to transfer chats across departments and handle chats when no agents are online.


Advantages of Bot-to-Bot Transfer 

The Bot-to-Bot transfer feature has the following advantages: 

  • You can transfer a chat from a Chatbot in one department to a Chatbot in another department.
    For example, if a chat lands up with your sales Chatbot and is a support query, you can transfer the chat to a support Chatbot. 
  • You can transfer a chat to a new Chatbot when a human agent is unavailable.
    For example, if your Agents log off after their shifts and a chat land up, it can be handled by the Chatbot.
    Note: You can only transfer chats between Bots and not from a human to a Bot. 

Step by Step Instructions 

You can use the Bot-to-Bot transfer feature from the flow builder area while creating Answers of Intents for Chatbot or Task Bot.   

To use Bot-to-Bot transfer, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel. 
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Bot > Chatbot
    Note: If you are using a Task Bot, go to Bot > Task Bot
  3. Select your Chatbot from the drop-down list.
    bot to bot 1.png 
  4. Again, from the left navigation menu, go to Bot > Chatbot > Intents and click New Intents.  
    Note: You can also edit existing Intents and add the Bot-to-Bot transfer action. 
  5. On the New Intent page, scroll down to the Answers section.
    To learn more about creating Intent Answers, see this article.
  6. Expand the Action menu.
  7. In the Actions menu, scroll down to the Flow Operations section, and drag the Transfer chat action card to the Answers flow builder area.
    bot to bot 4.png
  8. Click the Transfer drop-down list and select the to chatbot option. 
  9. Click the Chatbot drop-down and select the Chatbot.
    bot to bot 5.png
  10. Click Save.
    Note: The new Chatbot launches with its Greetings Messages when a transfer happens. 


Bot-to-Bot transfer History, and Reporting 

You can now see the conversation handled by the last Bot in History and the reports and ratings of the last Bot that handled a chat.

History: All Bot-to-Bot chat transfer details appear in the History section of the Control Panel. To view the details of Bot-to-Bot transfer chats, navigate to Live Chat > History > Chats

On the Chats page, you can do the following: 

  • You can view all Chatbots' names in the Chats table, separated by a comma for a given chat. 
  • You can filter chats by any Chatbot in the Agent field. 
  • You can see each Chatbots' name in the Transcript. 
  • When a chat is transferred to another Chatbot X, you can see "{Chatbot X} had joined the chat " in the place when the transfer happened in the Transcript.
    bot to bot history.png   

Reporting: Whenever there is a Bot-to-Bot chat transfer, the reports and ratings apply to the last Chatbot. To check the details for reports and ratings, navigate to Reporting > Chatbot

To learn more about reading the Chatbot repots, see this article

If you need help in using the Bot-to-Bot transfer, you can chat with us!