How to Use Auto Translation for Chatbot

Comm100 chatbot supports Auto Translation based on Google Translation integration. Auto Translation enables your bot to chat with visitors using any language.

When Auto Translation is enabled, the chatbot detects the visitor’s language and translates the message automatically. The chatbot then sends responses in the language that the visitor used in the latest message. Visitors can see both the original and translated messages in the chat window.  


When Auto Translation is enabled, the chatbot translates all the incoming and outcoming messages with the following exceptions:

  • The chatbot does not translate link URLs or linked web pages.
  • When the chatbot sends a form, the inviting message including the form title will be translated into the visitor’s language, but all other texts in the opened form window, including the field name, field options, and button text, will not be translated.
    As shown in the following figures, form invitation content is translated, and all the content in the new form window uses the same language when you configured the form.
    • The bot’s language is configured when you created it and cannot be edited thereafter. You can view the bot’s language on the Manage Chatbots page.
    • The content in the opened form window is the same as your configuration when you configure the Send a form action for the chatbot. The form language can be different from the chatbot's language.

    Figure 1. Chatbot sends invitation in the visitor's language
    Figure 2.  Opened form content is not translated

You can also configure a list for words or phrases that do not need translation so that they will be kept in both incoming and outcoming messages.

Step by Step Instructions

Auto Translation is disabled for chatbots by default. You can enable the feature based on your needs.

Note: Auto Translation for Chatbot and Auto Translation for Live Chat are separate features. If you enable Auto Translation for a chatbot used in the Live Chat channel, the chatbot supports Auto Translation even if Auto Translation for Live Chat is not enabled. To learn more about Auto Translation for Live Chat, see this article.

To enable Auto Translation for a chatbot, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. Go to Bot > Chatbot, expand the chatbot list, and click Manage.kb-bot-auto-translation-04.png
  3. In the chatbot list, locate the chatbot that you want to enable the feature for, and click the Edit button in the Operations column.kb-bot-auto-translation-05.png
  4. Expand the Advanced section, and turn on the Auto Translation toggle key.kb-bot-auto-translation-06.png
  5. (Optional) To configure the words and phrases that do not need translation, click the Click here link in the Auto Translation area, and add the words or phrases on the Auto Translation page. kb-bot-auto-translation-07.png
    • To add or remove the words for Auto Translation in subsequent use, navigate to Global Settings > Auto Translation.
    • The no-translation list configuration is global. If Auto Translation for Live Chat is enabled, the list also works for Live Chat.