How to Upgrade My Trial Account to a Paid Account

With Comm100, you can upgrade your trial account to a paid account anytime before your 15-day Free Trial expires. After the successful subscription, your account will be automatically billed on each of your billing dates. This article describes the steps to upgrade from a trial account to an official paid account.


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Global Settings > Billing > Billing Profile.2022-01-24_14-25-25.png
  3. Click Buy Now. The Buy Now window shows the products you've been trialing.
    Note: You can also click on the Buy Now button in the Subscriptions tab or in the top middle trial notice to start the billing process.
  4. Choose the billing period, confirm the products you want to continue using, and click Next. kb-upgrade-to-paid-02.png

    Note: In the product list, you can change the products to subscribe. To subscribe to other products, you can chat with us to get more information.

  5. Choose your payment method, enter your billing information, and click Pay Now.kb-upgrade-to-paid-03.png

    Note: We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfers, and Checks. If you'd like to pay with Wire Transfer or Check, you can chat with us to get instant assistance.

  6. Confirm your order and billing information and save it.