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How to Set Up Skill-Based Routing

Skill-Based Routing (SBR) is a way to route chats based on agents’ skills, so that your visitors can quickly get the targeted support that they need. Skills can be languages, IT skills, or product areas. 

In the Comm100 system, you can group your agents into different departments  according to their responsibilities. Using SBR combined with department grouping helps you assign incoming visitors to the most suitable agents. By grouping agents into departments and defining agents’ skills, you can route visitors to agents in a specified department with certain skills, so that visitors can get targeted support quickly.

Note: To learn more about creating departments, see this article.

To use Skill-Based Routing, you need to decide and create the skill types in your system based on your business needs first. After that, you can create routing rules to direct visitors to agents with matching skills.

Create a skill

The first step to set up skill-based routing is to create skills. To make better use of the routing function, create a set of skills relevant to your visitors’ needs. 

To assign a skill to an agent, you can choose the agent when creating the skill, or edit the agent after creating the skill.

To create a skill, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Comm100 control panel.
  2. From the left navigation menu, go to Global Settings > People > Skills.
  3. Turn on the Skills toggle key, and click New Skill.
  4. Input the skill name, and add the agents who have this skill. You can also add a description to help identify the skill.
    Note: The skill name must be unique in your system.
  5. Click Save. The skill is successfully created after the changes are saved.
  6. (Optional) Repeat the steps to add a set of skills.
Create Routing Rules

After skills are created, you need to set up routing rules to route visitors to agents with specified skills.

To set up routing rules, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Comm100 control panel.
  2. Navigate to Live Chat > Campaign > Routing Rules. If you are using multiple campaigns, make sure to choose the correct campaign from the drop-down list. 
  3. On the Routing Rules page, turn on the Enable toggle key.
  4. Select the Route visitors based on custom rules option, and click New Rule in the Rules area. kb-super-skill-routing-05.pngThe New Rule drawer appears.
  5. Enter the name of the new rule. The rule name must be unique in your system.
  6. Turn on the toggle key to enable the rule. 
  7. Add the conditions you want to apply. 
    For multiple conditions, you can choose the relationship among these conditions. You can choose Meet any, Meet all, or use a logical expression.
  8. Set the department or agent to which you want to route the visitors.
    • If you choose Department, select the department and the skills from the drop-down list.  
    • If you choose Agent, select the agent from the drop-down list.
  9. Set the priority from the drop-down list. 
    Queued chats with a higher priority are distributed before those with a lower setting. By default, all chat requests are assigned with the Normal priority.kb-super-skill-routing-06.png
  10. Click OK. A routing rule is successfully created. You can create multiple rules by repeating the steps.kb-super-skill-routing-07.png
  11. Set up the routing for visitors who fail to be routed based on any of the custom rules, you can either route to Department or Agent, or redirect them to offline message window and forward their messages to their email address.kb-super-skill-routing-08.png
  12. Click Save. You have now successfully set up skill-based routing in your system.