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How to Add a New Field in Pre-Chat Window

You can add new fields in the Pre-Chat window to collect the information you need from visitors.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to Comm100 Control Panel.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click the Live Chat tab.livechat tab-kbimage-001.png
  3. Click the Campaign drop-down menu, go to Pre-chat and turn on the Pre-chat toggle key.Pre-chat - kb-001.png
    Note: If you have multiple campaigns, please choose the campaign you are using from the campaign drop-down list.
  4. Scroll down the page to the Fields section and click the Add a Field link.Pre-chat - KB-004.png
  5. Create your own field in the Add a Field window and set Visible or Required property for visitors, then click OK
    Visible means that the field will be shown in the pre-chat window. Required means the visitors need to fill in this field.
    Add a Field - KB-001.png
  6. Click Save to save the changes.

After that, the new field will appear in the Pre-Chat window, and the visitors need to fill in the required fields before starting a chat. Meanwhile, the information filled in the Pre-chat window will be displayed on Agent Console Window for agents.