Release Update (Oct 26, 2021) | Bot Enhancements

This release note gives you an overview of the new features and enhancements on Comm100’s Chatbot, Task Bot, and Agent Assist. The new feature and enhancements will help you understand the new actions, languages, file formats, and changes around preview mode. You can now customize and use the Bots more efficiently. 

New Actions and Action enhancements 

Create a record, Find a record and, Find a record by SOQL after Salesforce Integration 

The integration of Salesforce with Comm100 facilitates the use of new actions in the Comm100 Chatbot. Once you integrate Salesforce with Comm100, new Actions (Create a record, Find a record and, Find a record by SOQL) will be available in the Chatbot’s flow builder area.  


To learn more about using these actions in Chatbot, see this article


Send an email 

The Send an email action is now available in the Advanced actions for the Chatbot on all channels. You can use this action to send an email to the visitor for better case follow-up or tracking, send an email to your team for records based on the scenario, send an email to visitors to collect feedback on the service you provided, and so forth.

send email 1.png 

Dynamic Info support 

You can now insert dynamic info to the URL in the Send a message and Trigger a webhook action for Task Bot. The option to insert dynamic info for the Trigger a webhook action appears when you click the pencil icon to edit the URL. 

dynamic info.png


Languages added for NLP and Keyword engine Chatbots 

Chatbots can now be used in ten new languages. The new languages Bengali, Finnish, Filipino, Marathi, Malay, Romanian, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, and Vietnamese are available for the Keyword and NLP engine Chatbots.  

To learn more about using these languages in Comm100 Chatbot, see this article

Export Learning Questions in CSV files  

You can now use the Export All feature to export Learning questions for the Chatbot and Agent Assist in CSV format. 

Test the Task Bot in Preview mode without saving 

You can test any changes on the Task Bot in Preview mode before saving them. Testing the changes before saving them facilitates modifying the changes for accuracy, and you would not need to revisit and edit changes later. This feature helps reduce repetitive modifications of intent flow as changes can be previewed and saved simultaneously.

preview taskbot.png